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AmpCalc Version 4.0 Underground & Aerial System Ampacity Calculations


Version 4.0 has been released adding AERIAL SYSTEM calculations. Examine a list of AmpCalc Version 4.0 enhancements.

AmpCalc for Windows is a computer program from CalcWare which calculates power cable ampacity ratings and/or cable operating temperatures for user defined cable installations.

Ampacities are calculated for single or multiple underground systems including:

  • Ductbank

  • Direct buried cable

  • Direct Buried conduit

Version 4.0 now includes calculations for aerial systems including:

  • Cables isolated in air

  • Conduit isolated in air

  • Cables in covered or uncovered cable tray. 

All calculations are in accordance with the industry accepted Neher-McGrath calculation procedures

AmpCalc is suitable for cable installations utilized in industrial, commercial and utility electrical power distribution systems.  The software is suitable for use with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.  Licenses for single computer, multiple computer and network applications are available.

Refer to a partial experience list for some of the companies which utilize AmpCalc.

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