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Enhancements Contained in AmpCalc Version 3.0 / 4.0

  • Suitable for use with Windows XP, 2000, ME, NT, 98 or 95.

  • All new report routines.

  • Complete report previewer and saving of reports to file.

  • Export reports to PDF, RTF, Excel™ formatted files.

  • Report chart printout containing all program variables with definitions and units.

  • Circuit Impedance calculations with inputs for circuit length and power factor.

  • Voltage drop calculations.

  • Circuit load flow calculations, kW, kVAR flows and losses.

  • Improved conduit fill calculations.

  • Adjustable Jam tolerance limits.

  • Conduit fill, Jam, voltage drop & load flow calculations all performed as data is input in position data entry form.  Also in final calculations based on calculated current and conductor resistance based on calculated temperature.

  • Calculation alternative for direct buried conduits in addition to direct buried cable and concrete encased ductbanks.

  • Definable default menus for all data entry to speed up parameter entry.

  • Dielectric loss calculations now selectable in cable library data editor.

  • Electronic User’s Manual provided in PDF format.

  • Full compatibility with prior versions of AmpCalc for Windows.


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