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Version 4.0 now includes calculations for aerial systems including:

  • Cables isolated in air

  • Conduit isolated in air

  • Cables in covered or uncovered cable tray. 

All calculations are in accordance with the industry accepted Neher-McGrath calculation procedures

The Code tables for medium voltage cables as well as many of the tables for 0-2000 Volt Cable utilize the Neher-McGrath calculations procedures.  Unfortunately, the often utilized Tables 310.16 and 310.17 are not based on Neher-McGrath, but on research performed in the 1930's and for many applications are very conservative.

AmpCalc Version 4.0 allows more suitable ampacity ratings to be calculated for the applications covered by Tables 310.16 and 310.17, in addition to applications covered by other tables.

Read more about it in a paper on Aerial Cable Ampacities & the NEC Code

One would think that the limited number of alternative aerial cable applications are well covered by by the Code Tables.  While in some ways this is true, there are still some significant issues  with the Code treatment of ampacity ratings for aerial systems, in particular for 0-2000 Volt systems.


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