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[1]  Introduction

[2]  Performing a Single Calculation

[3]  Performing a Multiple Type Temperature Calculation

[4]  A Non-Iterative Multiple Calculation

[5]  Performing a Multiple Type Ampacity Calculation

[6]  Ampacity Calculations with Six 1/c Cables per Duct

[7]  Voltage Drop, Load Flow, Duct Fill and Jam Calculations

[8]  Calculations with Metric Cables


NEC Six Duct Configuration Example, (Page 1 of 8)


The object of this paper is to demonstrate with a fairly simple example problem the use of AmpCalc for Windows. By using one of the standard NEC Code ductbank configurations, insight can also be gained into the manner in which the NEC assigns ampacity ratings to the cables in a ductbank.

Example Configuration

Refer to the figure below which illustrates the ductbank configuration utilized in this example. This configuration is identical to the six raceway ductbank in the IEEE Standard S-135 and in Figure 310-1, Detail 3, of the NEC Code.

Underground ductbank configuration for Example Problem.


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