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NEC Six Duct Configuration Example, (Page 8 of 8)

Calculations with Metric Cables

Data file ‘ex1d.ugs’ illustrates the use of metric cable sizes in AmpCalc with a selected size of 240 mm2 . When entering metric cable sizes, all other AmpCalc dimensional inputs remain in English units.

Calculation Results using File ‘ex1d.ugs’

Having completed these example cases, the user is encouraged to load either example data files into AmpCalc, make changes to the data, and run additional calculations.

For instance, try revising the data from ‘ex1b.ugs’ by changing the "Specified load current" fields from 271.6 to 295.3, 258.9, and 276.8 amps respectively for C1A/B, C2A/B, and C3A/B. Using a "Multiple" and "Temperature" calculation, AmpCalc should then calculate temperatures of 75.00 degrees C for all cables - or else very close within rounding errors!

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